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Учебно-методический коллектор
"Мир психолога"
г. Санкт-Петербург
10-я линия Васильевского острова, д. 59
Пн-Пт с 13 до 19 , до открытия магазина 17 часов

Atkinson and Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology 14th edition

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ИздательствоWadsworth/Thompson Learning
Год издания2002
Дополнительные характеристики677 стр., твердый переплет

This smart and thorough text offers a fresh and up-to-date-view of the dynamic nature of contemporary psychology. The authors build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of psychology while featuring the most innovative and groundbreaking research of our day. The authors are active researchers whose work has charted new territory in the psychology landscape. Organized around a discussion of the significant achievements of psychological research, this compelling text excites students as they discover psychology from the perspective of pioneering researcher. Also featured are debates by leading authorities over hotly contested issues in contemporary psychology. With plenty of supportive pedagogy, experiments are explained in engaging detail, and the charts and figures add to an understanding of the results. This text offers an integrated biological orientation, a trend that is changing the way psychological topics are viewed, exemplified by the coverage of bio-evolutionary research. While maintaining this orientation, the pedagogical structure of the new edition has been improved in response to reviewer feedback. Additions include a more robust collection of Core Concepts (Key Terms) throughout all chapters, in-text definitions of Core Concepts, interim review summaries at the end of every major section, critical thinking questions which test students' understanding of the content, and Concept Review Tables which consolidate important subjects into one table. Other additions include engaging chapter opening paragraphs and thorough coverage of gender and cross-cultural differences.

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